About the interval

About the interval

Today, I would like to talk a little about intervals.

There are many people who are studying music by themselves, but there are people who are studying chords suddenly without studying intervals. I’m not saying it’s bad,

Ambiguous intervals in understanding music can be very inefficient .

Intervals are the basis of all music theory, so it is recommended that you thoroughly understand them before proceeding with your studies of theory and composition.

So what exactly does an interval mean?

Interval is the note and the width of the note.

It is the width of the note from “c” to “e” and from “c” to “g”.

Example: interval

For example, there are various types of code,

Triad Chord alone. (/

To Major chord To minor chord ” and “ dim To aug ” and “ sus2 susp4 etc.There are also 6 types,

There are quite a lot of types when it comes to 4 chords, but there are 6 types of chords for 3 chords alone, and it is natural that these 6 types of chords all sound different.

The difference between them is the difference in the width (interval) between the note and the stacking of note.

This is why it can sound bright or dark.

Second, the name of the code is also very much related to the interval.

When reading a chord written on a score, the chord name changes depending on the width of the notes from the standard note.

Of course, the same can be said not only for chords but also for scales .

Interval is the most necessary knowledge to understand music, so it is recommended to remember it.